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Straw man get out of debt

Michael Bovee published a great video that helps to explain the series of legal and financial conspiracy theories people believe in regarding the strawman beliefs, Treasury Direct Accounts, Federal Reserve Accounts, etc. The video helps to explain why these imaginary payments bounce. The video helps to explain why the all caps name, your personal commerce identity, the birth certificate serial number, the strawman beliefs, acceptance for value efforts, UCC liens, sovereign nation, prepaid debts with birth certificate, why there is no bank account at the Treasury Department or Federal Reserve with your name on it. A big hat tip goes out to Michael Bovee for doing such an excellent job of pointing out the lack of basis for these beliefs and anyone who has studied these issues will applaud his efforts to debunk some of these misconceptions that lead people to do silly things.

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Can U.S. Birth Certificates Unlock Hidden ‘Strawman’ Financial Accounts?

Getting Started:. Study Guide:. Read More:. As a child, you have had an imaginary friend. You may be surprised to learn that evidence exists that you have had a make-believe twin from the time your mother and father permitted a Birth Certificate to be filed for you.

This make-believe friend is not real, but artificial. It is a straw man, an artificial entity that has a name very similar to yours. Nominal party to a transaction So, in layman's terms, what is a straw man? The straw man is an artificial person. The straw man was created by law shortly after you were born via the registration of the application for your birth certificate. You will notice that the inscription on the birth certificate is your name in all-capital letters. The English language has precise rules of grammar that make no provision for writing proper nouns in all-capital letters.

So, your name spelled with all-capital letters is a fictitious name. Your straw man has a same-sounding name as your name, but is an artificial entity which exists only "by force of or in contemplation of law. Join our exclusive membership to gain access to the most powerful redemption tools on the planet.

Read More. An entity such as a corporation that is recognized by law as having the rights and duties of a human being…" [Blacks Law Dictionary, 7th Edition]. The straw man may also be said to be an "artificial person" which is also defined in the legal dictionary. Assumption of fact made by court as basis for deciding a legal question. As we explore further, we must distinguish between the straw man an it or person , and the real, flesh and blood being human being which we will call a "man.

A person of the male sex. A male of the human species above the age of puberty. In the most extended sense the term includes not only the adult male sex of the human species, but women and children. So we conclude that "man" is a term of nature. But who created nature? Some would say God, others would say the Creator a term often used by the founder of our country , while others might hold a different view. On the other hand, we see "person" as a term of the civil law.

Who is the creator of civil law? So kings, emperors or legislative bodies acting a sovereign capacity are the "creators" of civil law.

So we see that a man and a person are very different terms identifying very different things. If you study Roman civil law, you will see that it originates and uses fictions of law — that is, concepts that are contrary to the natural order of things, and based upon presumptions that are untrue.

You will realize that this person recognized in the civil law is a fictional entity. You will come to see the vast difference between man and person.

So the straw man is a person, a public name that is recognized in a civil society. An assumption or supposition of law that something which is or may be false is true, or that a state of facts exists which has never really taken place. An assumption, for purposes of justice, of a fact that does not or may not exist. A rule of law which assumes as true, and will not allow to be disproved, something which is false, but not impossible.

While the concept of these relationships is very simple, there are some foundational principles that must be explored. We have mentioned that the straw man is an artificial entity or person. But there are several types of organizations or artificial entities. There are corporation soles, aggregate corporations, municipal corporations, revocable living trusts sole , and unincorporated business organizations. Many people use these entities for various reasons including maintaining personal control over their assets; protection from lawsuits and judgments; avoidance of probate; avoidance of estate taxes; reduction in tax liability; and many other reasons.

We will look into the difference between a sole entity and an aggregate entity; the construction of these entities and the results of that construction as it apply to the straw man. In all organizations there are two basic operational positions:.

In a corporation sole, one person holds both operational positions of the organization. A corporation sole may be established under legislative authority.

It is considered by statute a citizen of the government. As such, the safe guards of the bill of rights do not extend to corporate soles. The courts have warned that statutory licensed sole proprietorships are in a fact a government agency by definition of how they are created. Most people who chose a sole organization do so because they maintain personal control over their assets. With an aggregate organization, different parties must hold the beneficiary and operational positions.

If the same party holds them, they are a sole organization. Family members are always counted as one party, therefore would be a sole organization. In an aggregate organization, the one who is in control is immune from damages or liabilities of the beneficiaries. In an aggregate corporation, the holder of the first operative position controls the assets for the holder of the second operative position. The founder of the wealthy Rockefeller family said one his secrets to wealth was to "own nothing, but control everything".

In other words, always function from an aggregate relationship. Do not own the straw man; control the straw man. If you are in control, you have the highest lien hold interest on the straw man; you must be paid before anyone else collects from the straw man, and you cannot go to jail for his misdoing.

Prior to the redemption process [redemption is a term used among freedom loving people to describe the process of regaining control of your straw man], the man is considered both a beneficiary in the relationship and surety for the straw man. After redemption, the man is no longer a beneficiary, and is no longer surety. After redemption, the man is the controller and creditor with the highest lien hold interest in the straw man.

He does not own the straw man but he controls the straw man by the primary lien hold interest. In this country, the power was granted to government by the people. Power is granted to the government by the people individually - to create States, and by the people as a whole to create the National government. Once the people decided individually to create States, they can only change the policy or law of the State as people collectively.

That is because they have agreed to become part of the public. They are one person in a larger body of people that act collectively. The people are in the State and National government at that same time. The public government is an artificial entity. The government is owned and controlled by the same people. So the government is a sole organization, not an aggregate organization. As long as a man is dealing publicly, he is in a sole relationship with the public. The straw man, being artificial, lives in the artificial place called the public.

At the same time as people are acting collectively in the larger body of people called the State and National government, they maintain their ability to act individually on a private basis. The people did not give up the rights they did not delegate to the government - they retained those rights. Any man can contract privately as they see fit and government cannot interfere with the private contracts of men.

The straw man lives in the public side of government. He is part of the public government, and functions under the laws of the public. This is necessary and proper because the creator of an entity has the right to control it.

But once the straw man has been redeemed, the government is no longer in control of the straw man. He is now controlled by the man using his right to private contracts.

The man has left the public as a beneficiary in sole relationship to the straw man to live privately as creditor in an aggregate relationship with the straw man. As far as this relationship is concerned, the straw man is privately controlled. The straw man still exists as a public entity because that is the only world in which he has reality.

His relationship with the man is private. The relationship with the man being is controlling because the man has a higher priority lien on the straw man than the government. Now that we understand who the straw man is, it is appropriate to ask who benefits from the creation of the straw man?

We will see that the straw man benefits the creator the government , any company that uses it and you. The government began to benefit from the straw man in In the Article on the U. When this happened, the governors of all the states met to discuss what should be done. The state governors made a "pledge" to the federal government, to fund the bankruptcy. They pledged the assets and the energy of the people belonging to the state governments.

They would back the "government" and secure the national debt. But there was one problem: The states could only speak for the people in their public capacity. They could not pledge private, living human beings or property. So it was necessary to create a "bridge" between the living people and the creditors for the bankruptcy.

Can U.S. Birth Certificates Unlock Hidden ‘Strawman’ Financial Accounts?

Getting Started:. Study Guide:. Read More:.

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With a simple legislated debt solution you can consolidate all your debts into one lower, affordable monthly repayment. Make one set payment per month for a set period, and after the period expires any remaining debts left are legally written off. I came across some information on how to access your strawman account. I know of someone else who is 10 times this amount…! Remember I am in Australia, however no matter where you are in the world you should have a 9 digit reference number.

Take Back Your Strawman

James A. Farley, Postmaster General at that time, required each postmaster in the country to post a copy of the Executive Order in a conspicuous place within each branch of the Post Office. On the bottom of the posting was the following:. The exception is those cases in which the President is expressly authorized or required by laws enacted by the Congress to issue an Executive order or proclamation dealing with the legal rights or obligations of members of the public. Such as issuance of Selective Service Regulations, establishment of boards to investigate certain labor disputes, and establishment of quotas or fees with respect to certain imports into this country. Note: it seems rather obvious that President Franklin D. Roosevelt was not "expressly authorized or required" to "issue an Executive Order or proclamation" demanding the public private to relinquish their privately held gold.

Strawman theory

The bankers loan credit and not money, because there has not been any lawful money since 5 June In practical terms, though, this meant giving each American something to pay with, and that something is your credit. Then your birth certificate bond became a negotiable instrument just like any security instrument under UCC Article 3, code of commercial law in which the world trade falls under. The bonds are hypothecated and traded on the stock market until their value is unlimited for all intents and purposes.

The bankers loan credit and not money, because there has not been any lawful money since 5 June

Strawman theory also called the Strawman illusion is a pseudolegal theory prevalent in various movements such as sovereign citizen , tax protester , freeman on the land , and the redemption movement. The theory holds that an individual has two personas, one of flesh and the other a separate legal personality i. Strawman theory traces its origins to the ancient Roman legal practice of capitis deminutio "decrease of head" , a term used in Roman trials for the extinguishment of a person's former legal capacity.

Video Busts Strawman Myth and Conspiracy About Bogus Treasury Direct Accounts

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the debt created by government officials who created treason in doing so. We were never told that the STRAWMAN—a fictional person, a creature of THE while living in the land of the free—and that we could, easily, walk away from the fraud. commercial "process" we become the "surety" for the fictional Leonard Golightly Marshall -








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