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Questions to ask your fiance in islam

Thinking about marriage? Before you jump the gun, here are some questions for you and your soon-to-be to peruse as you get to know one another! Before getting to know your potential spouse, you need to get acquainted with a very important person first — yourself! Here are some questions to consider:. It is important to take the time to understand who you are, your life goals, and what you are looking for in a spouse and in marriage. What kind of life do you want to lead?

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No one will watch out for you better than yourself! For the sisters out there, get yourself a wali to help you verify the answers provided to ensure that the person is telling the truth. We all know that people can be very deceiving to achieve whatever goals they have. So, be responsible in your journey to married life. About You: 16 Questions. What is your legal name? How old are you? How long have you worked at current job?

If unemployed, how long have you been unemployed and why? What is the highest level of education you have achieved? What country were you BORN in? What nationalities do you possess? What legal status current do you have in other countries?

What ethnicity are you? Where you born and raised as a Muslim, converted to Islam, or do you practice another faith? If you converted to Islam, when did you convert?

And what was your prior religion? Do you have children now? If so, what are their names, sex, and ages? About Your Family: 12 Questions. What are the names of your parents and siblings? Have you ever been married before? Are you married now? What is your relationship with your family like?

What are the professions of your family members? What are the education levels of your family members? Where do your family members currently live city, country? Are any of your siblings married? What is the expectations or limitations on whom your parents will accept for you to marry? Do they only want you to marry someone someone of the same ethnicity or nationality? What would you do if your parents do not approve of your choice for a spouse?

Marriage Expectations: 11 Questions. What is your concept of an Islamic marriage? Are you seeking only an Islamic Marriage, or civil, or both? Explain why for all reasons. What are your expectations of marriage? What are the three most important requirements you look for in a potential spouse?

What are you expecting of your spouse? What is your view of the role of a husband? What is your view of the role of a wife? What would you consider causes serious enough for a divorce? Are you seeking a polygamous marriage? How do you dress? How would you expect your future spouse to dress? About the Future: 6 Questions. What are your goals in life? Long term and short term plans. Identify three things that you want to accomplish in the new future. Where do you want to live country?

And why? How would you gain legal status there? What are your career goals realistic and achievable? How long do you expect to achieve those goals? What are you doing to achieve those goals currently? About Religion: 22 Questions. What is the role of religion in your life — now? Are you a spiritual person? What can you offer your mate, spiritually? Do you follow a specific madhab? Do you practice Sufism?

Do you pray all 5 daily prayers? Do you pray them on time? If not, why? Do you dress according to Islamic guidelines? Do you pray any or all of your prayers in the masjid? If you are a male, do you pray every Jummah prayer in the masjid? Have you ever performed Ummrah or Hajj? How do you interact with non-Muslims during their holidays?

If you have non-Muslim family members, how do you manage the non-Muslim holidays? Do you pay your Zakat every year? Do you give sadaqa regularly? If your spouse has children from a prior marriage, are you willing to provide financial support to them? What would you do if your spouse became lazy in their prayers, or other Islamic obligations?

Daily Life Matters: 11 Questions. Are you vegetarian? If so, what if your spouse is not? How will meals be prepared? If your spouse has guests over for dinner, do you feel they should be segregated by sex? What if it is one person, verses a married couple? Do you believe that both the husband and wife should help in cooking? Do you feel that both the husband and wife should share in household chores? What is your opinion of speaking other languages in the home that I do not understand?

With friends? With family? Do you like to have guests in your home for entertainment? How do you make important and less important decisions in your life? Or do you believe the man makes all the decisions even if the wife disagrees? How will you manage this situation?

Do you support the idea of utilizing baby-sitters and maids? Social Life: 11 Questions. Who are your friends? Identify at least three. How did you get to know them, and how long have you known them?

Why are they your friends? What do you like most about them? What will your relationship with them be like after marriage? Do you have friends from the opposite sex?

What is the level of your relationship with them currently? What will be the level of your relationship with them after marriage?

100 Pre Marital Questions

Even thinking about the process of getting married can seem daunting sometimes. How do you determine whether someone is the right person for you? Amaliah is an independent media company that centers the voices and experiences of Muslim women.

No one will watch out for you better than yourself! For the sisters out there, get yourself a wali to help you verify the answers provided to ensure that the person is telling the truth. We all know that people can be very deceiving to achieve whatever goals they have.

When choosing a life partner, there are numerous questions that should be asked and scenarios that should be explored. Following the principle that prevention is better than cure, it seems wise to air these questions and scenarios before a match is finalized. Some of the issues may appear trivial or mundane, but the stuff of everyday life is also the stuff of laughter, companionship, compromise and let's not forget the 'constructive criticisms'! Other issues are more serious, and may be indicative of the potential for a dysfunctional marriage. Each marriage will have its ups and downs, but settling some of these matters may avoid the emergence of problems and consequent heartbreak and ultimately lead towards a genuine relationship.

Questions to ask a prospective spouse

Keep on reading to check out the best questions to ask your potential spouse. Thank you so much for asking this very important question. Here are a few points to remember in this process, inshaAllah. Remember that Allah is The Only One who knows the unseen and knows the future. This is a time to strengthen and deepen your reliance on Allah and to ask Him earnestly for His Guidance. So, make dua supplication sincerely, continuously and regularly and perform salat-ul istikhara prayer of guidance. Jabir May Allah be pleased with him reported:. Please find the dua of istikhara here. Ask yourself: why am I getting married?

Here Are 53 Questions to Ask Your Potential Spouse

This is a very comprehensive and useful checklist that I am going to use in the future when the need arises, inshaAllah. Thank you for writing all these questions! First I would like to thank you for this useful blog. Im an Arab woman , 26 years old.

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Marriage is a serious contrac t that every Muslim girl should take very seriously. Getting to know your potential spouse is very important in the first stage. The best way to know each other is to ask questions.

5 Questions To Ask Before You Take The Marriage Plunge

Check into the blog throughout the summer to read our series.. So, you want to get married! Or, maybe you're starting to think about it. Have you had discussions with potential mates?

BOOKS can be written — and indeed, have been written — on scores of pre-marital questions to ask prospective spouses. Yet, given the spiraling divorce rate and the widespread heartbreak, bitterness and social chaos that are left in its wake — the brunt of which is mostly borne by women — something seems to be amiss. However, a Hadeeth says: every deed is based upon the intention. Is it because of parental or community pressure? Is it because the biological clock is ticking away? Is it because I like weddings and the idea of being a wife?

200 Questions to Ask a Potential Spouse


Getting to know your potential spouse is very important in the first stage. The best way to know each other is to ask questions. So here it is, a long list of the.








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