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How to plan a girl baby shower

Planning a baby shower can be so much fun! Celebrating the upcoming arrival of your new baby is a highlight in pregnancy. You get to catch up with loved ones, hear advice, laugh and bond. All in celebration and anticipation of that growing bump. Are you a mama-to-be looking for inspiration for how to plan a baby shower?


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Baby Shower Planning Guide

Planning a baby shower can be so much fun! Celebrating the upcoming arrival of your new baby is a highlight in pregnancy. You get to catch up with loved ones, hear advice, laugh and bond. All in celebration and anticipation of that growing bump. Are you a mama-to-be looking for inspiration for how to plan a baby shower?

Or maybe someone who is throwing a baby shower for an expectant loved one? Disclaimer: this post contains Affiliate Links. Read about what affiliate links are and how we use them here. There is a wide range of when mamas like to have their showers based on personal preference, scheduling, and personality.

But in general, most have their baby showers sometime during the third trimester. More specifically, around weeks, which is the end of the 7 th month of pregnancy. This time frame is often used because you are still feeling relatively comfortable, but your bump is really showing, which makes for fun pictures and games. It gives enough time to organize and set-up the gifts you receive in your nursery. Other moms like myself, prefer to plan their baby shower around the seasons. This can be a great benefit for several reasons.

For starters, if you have a baby shower during the warmer months, then this allows you the opportunity to have an outdoor venue such as a park or a backyard. When you can choose a venue that is outdoors like this, that means you can save big bucks on not having to rent out a space for your baby shower. Having a baby shower outdoors can be one of the best ways to save upwards of a couple of hundred bucks. Better yet, when you do it outdoors you have the flexibility to have it last as long as you want it to!

In addition to saving a couple of dollars, having it outdoors is ideal if you are looking to get some great photographs. Even the most novice of photographers can snag some great images in the natural setting of the outdoors. Overall, when and where you choose to have your baby shower really boils down to personal preference and you as an expecting mom. After all, this is your big day so however, you want it is the way it will go! Some mamas prefer to have their showers earlier than this for scheduling reasons or if there is traveling involved.

Flying after a certain point in pregnancy is not advised, and sitting in a car for long periods will get more and more uncomfortable as your pregnancy progresses as well. In general, plane travel is restricted after 36 weeks, and for safety, many providers recommend only completely necessary air travel in the third-trimester at all. I started planning my baby shower right after I got over the morning sickness phase.

Doing it during this time frame was perfect because not only did I have the energy and health to do so, but I had enough time to research and design exactly the way I wanted to.

When you start, be sure to take advantage of popular creative sites like Pinterest, and Google to capture the design that you want. Most importantly, the planning phase is easily one of the best parts of the baby shower process. If you have girlfriends that are willing to help, then this is one of the best times to squeeze in some final bonding sessions with your friends before your baby arrives.

Wondering when to prepare and plan what in each week of pregnancy? While some mamas do host their own showers, traditionally someone will throw your baby shower for you.

It could be a family member or close female friend. Even though someone else is officially hosting your shower, the expectant mothers is often still very involved in the planning process. If your hostess is wanting to be more hands off, you may be able to do a lot of decision making and planning, but she would send the invitations and handle RSVPs. You can definitely find a balance in your unique situation. The number one thing to keep in mind is that you and your hostess should be in constant communication throughout the whole process.

For some expectant moms, they will tell you the unfortunate horror stories that revolved around hostesses not keeping the wishes of the expectant mom in mind. This is something that is easily avoidable by keeping an open line of communication at all times.

If someone else is throwing your baby shower, there are some tasks that you will definitely need to help with. You should help choose a venue and compile a guest list with addresses. This way, you can put registry information in your invitations. Using MyRegistry. This way you have just one registry link to send along with your invites. The date is something that the expectant mother should definitely be a part of choosing.

From there, you may want to be involved with choosing things like food, theme, decorations and more. Find information on these topics below, and also by following us on Pinterest. Traditionally, baby showers tend to be girls-only events, but Jack and Jill style baby showers are becoming more and more common.

I just attended a super fun baby shower that was an evening event and included men and women as guests. The bottom line is that you should do whatever feels right to you! These are often known as Daddy Diaper Parties. All of his guests are encouraged to bring a big box of diapers.

Sometimes, the size of diapers the guest should bring should coordinate with the first letter of their first or last name or by some other determining factor. This way, the parents-to-be have a stockpile of diapers in a variety of sizes.

Patrick actually really liked the idea of celebrating with his closest guy friends. It may be worth mentioning this idea to your partner. I personally chose to have a more traditional shower that included a daytime lunch with only the women in my life. In the end, my husband, Patrick, and some of my male family members stopped by to say hi and check out the event.

This felt like a nice balance for me. We were able to build a pretty good stockpile by doing this J. When you are deciding where to have your shower, you may first want to consider your budget. What do you want to spend on the event? Do you have someone helping out or treating for the event? If that is the case, it is important to get their opinion and price point in mind as well. Is an outdoor event possible? Will your outdoor venue be able to make accommodations should it rain?

Will your event be accessible in the event of snow? This is why creating your guest list, having a budget in mind, and choosing a venue are all the essential first steps in planning your baby shower. Incorporating the theme on the invitation is also a great idea. This may be a written out link to a registry, or just the name of the site where they are registered and the name. Most registry sites, including MyRegistry.

The hostess will be keeping track of RSVPs and sending out invitations so it makes sense to use her address for these. I recommend getting invites out about weeks in advance of the baby shower so that guests can plan. Invitations are one of the first things to get done when planning, the details can be worked out closer to the event.

Ordering custom baby shower invitations adds such a lovely and detailed touch to your event. You can also include easy to mail-back RSVPs and consider getting pre-addressed envelopes to save time.

Most invitations take days to be delivered to you, so you should plan accordingly. Her theme is Peter Pan, which is full of sweet quotes. By doing this, she had beautiful details and decorations at her baby shower which will then be used to decorate the nursery. I wish I had thought of this! For a girl baby shower it is popular to use pinks, whites and golds. You can tie in girly details like florals and tulle.

Whites, blues, and golds seem to be most popular for baby boy showers. Here are some theme ideas for celebrating the upcoming arrival of a baby boy:.

The above lists are meant to inspire theme ideas for you, but remember that ANY theme can be adapted for a girl or boy shower.

As I was doing some browsing to help write this article and create an amazing baby shower board on Pinterest , I am absolutely LOVING all of the creative ideas out there. I mentioned above that I recently attended a shower with a Peter Pan theme that was totally adorable. You might also love the idea of a more open-ended storybook theme. When decorating for the shower you want to keep things vibrant and fun.

I love when showers use tasteful baby pictures and photo boards to help decorate the space. My lovely hostess secretly made photo boards with baby pictures of my husband and I. I also put together a photo board featuring pictures from our maternity shoot. You can also include balloons in corners and on table edges to add height and increase the color theme in the room.

Fun banners welcoming the mama-to-be, or guests are also a nice touch. Make sure these details are in step with your overall color scheme or theme. It will really help tie everything together.

Think pink lemonade for a girly shower, colorful or themed fruit plates can add to the whimsy too. All family and friends gather together to celebrate the new addition you are welcoming into your life.

How to Plan a Baby Shower: A Complete Guide

Get organized with our guide to planning the perfect baby shower, including tips and tricks for invitations, venue, decor, menu, games and activities. Think of this as your ultimate playbook for creating a customized baby shower with all the right personal touches. What is a baby shower?

Few celebrations are happier than a baby shower. The parents-to-be are both excited and a little nervous about the future, grandparents who know what's coming can't wait for the big day, and guests are simply happy to share in the joy. If you've accepted the task of planning a baby shower, here are the steps you need to follow to make it memorable for the mom-to-be and fun for all of the guests.

But no matter how baby arrives or in what order, one thing is for certain: baby showers can be a fun and special way to welcome them into the world and celebrate the parents at the same time. With all the tasks organized in order of operation though the timeline is totally flexible , we hope you can eliminate some of the stress that comes with party planning and focus on having fun with it. You can technically have a baby shower at any point before or after baby comes. That means the shower could be anywhere from one to eight weeks post-baby arrival—or later. The timing of some baby shower—related duties depends on the type of party.

How to Plan a Baby Shower: Your Ultimate Checklist

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. We know that planning the perfect baby shower can be a daunting task. Even though someone else came up with that awesome baby shower idea you saw on the internet, you can use it as inspiration for your own party. The experts at Mustela are here to provide the best inspiration possible. A baby shower can help the parents-to-be feel less overwhelmed. It can also relieve stress and anxiety. How in the world can a party do all that? Through the best therapy of all: gifts and gab.

How to Plan an Awesome Baby Shower

Learn what it takes to pull off the ideal party for the mom-to-be and her new bundle of joy. Anyone in an expectant mom's life can host her baby shower, including friends, relatives, and even spouses. Select a date and time. Consult with the guest of honor to choose a date and time for her party. Determine the guest list and budget.

Anyone from a family member to a coworker can host the event, which is usually held during the last two months of pregnancy.

If you and your hosts are in the beginning stages of planning your baby shower , you've come to the right place. Anyone, from a family member to a coworker—but generally not the expectant parents themselves—can host the event, which is usually held during the last two months of pregnancy. Some couples, however, hesitate to stock a nursery before the child has arrived , and some like to hold out until the baby can be the guest of honor. Ask the couple if they would prefer a pre- or post-birth shower.

7 Tips for Planning a Baby Shower

Expert and inside advice on throwing a baby shower in pregnancy, including fun games to play, how to cater the event, decorating and budgeting for your shower, plus proper baby shower gift etiquette By Tara Lepore. Plenty of advice and giggles amongst tea and cake create the perfect baby shower.

There are a handful of things to consider when planning a baby shower. A baby shower serves as a special gathering to celebrate mom-to-be with her closest friends and family before her family grows by one. Most baby showers take place sometime during the end of a pregnancy which is certainly, a hectic time for the guest of honor who is busy getting ready for her newest addition. You can make the planning process simple by creating a baby shower checklist and staying organized before the special day. Consider her favorite colors, decor style, and hobbies. Planning a successful baby shower starts with staying organized from the get-go and giving yourself enough time to make everything come to life.

How to Plan a Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower can almost feel like planning a wedding. So to help you break down your massive to-do list into more manageable tidbits, we spoke to Martha Stewart Weddings editorial director Darcy Miller, whose book Celebrate Everything! Here are the steps she says to follow when throwing a baby shower any mom-to-be and her friends will love. Tie it all up. One of the first decisions the hostess should make is what the baby shower theme will be, according to Miller. Get your game on.

Jan 30, - From the date and time to the guest list to your budget, baby showers require planning. Here's an ultimate checklist for your baby's special riaddesnations.comg: girl ‎| Must include: girl.


Baby Shower Planning Checklist


How to Plan a Baby Shower Step by Step




Our Best Tips for Planning a Baby Shower



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