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How to look after long hair guys

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February 8, Chris Gonzales. Tambako the Jaguar Flickr. Every guy should grow his hair long at least once in life. It will teach you patience.

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23 Expert Hair Care Tips For Men

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There is a rugged handsomeness about guys with long locks…they seem to effortlessly channel confidence, right? Low-maintenance men — fear not! Long hair is just right for you. Below, his tips on how you actually should care for that long hair.

Long hair is the easiest hair to maintain. Ask the ladies. I used to cut my hair very short. I decided to grow it out in high school. When my hair was short I had to get it cut at least every four weeks. I blew it out every morning; the maintenance was insane! Now I get it done every couple of months and never use a blow dryer! Because it is longer, I have so many different style options I can wear.

Longer hair is becoming increasingly common and more acceptable, even in corporate-type environments. I see a lot more men who are growing their hair out, and it looks great.

That high and tight pompadour is so yesterday. For those of you who do want to grow it out to man bun lengths, my advice is simple. Let it grow! Throughout history, long, thick hair on men has been a sign of wealth, prominence, and power.

So let those long, healthy locks loose!! I never do any heat styling on my hair; I normally let it air-dry. The more you mess with your hair while it air dries, the frizzier it will become. Spray a little on damp hair and your beachy dream vibes will come to life.

I always use a curl cream or gel when my hair is damp and then just let it air-dry. If I feel like it is still frizzy I will go over it with moisturizing oil. It saves me so much time in the AM.

According to Jae, keeping up with long hair is very simple. Also, use the right products for your hair type. Always go for products that are more on the moisturizing side, especially because longer hair tends to be a lot drier.

Always think outside the box when it comes to your hairstyle. After all, thats the fun part about having longer hair. As far as shampooing goes, here is one trick that I tell all of my fellas and ladies as well. Stop shampooing so much!! Every time you shampoo you are stripping your hair of its natural oils.

I recommend using a cleansing conditioner instead of shampoo. Only use a regular shampoo once a week. What am I supposed to do then? I rinse my hair every single day; otherwise, my wave pattern is a disaster when I wake up. After the gym, rinse and maybe use some conditioner. I promise it will change your life. Favorite Cleansing Conditioner: Unwashed Biocleansing Conditioner is by far my ultimate cleansing conditioner—I use this in between shampoos.

I am obsessed! Your Cart. No items found. Product is not available in this quantity. Listen Up, Men! Emilie Branch. Subscribe for more HairInspiration. Staff favorites.

25 Expert Hair Care Tips for Men: How to Take Care of Your Hair

There is a rugged handsomeness about guys with long locks…they seem to effortlessly channel confidence, right? Low-maintenance men — fear not! Long hair is just right for you. Below, his tips on how you actually should care for that long hair.

So how can you deal with hair-raising problems like greasiness, breakage and product build-up? Matte products absorb light and instantly make hair appear a little thicker. To get the undivided attention of a barber or stylist, timing is everything.

Long, healthy hair is an attractive asset on both men and women. If you're interested in growing your hair out but don't quite know the process involved, then look no further! Read on below the jump for help on using specific treatments on your hair, in addition to making lifestyle changes that will help to stimulate hair growth. This also helps you if you cut your hair too short and want it to grow longer faster.

How to Grow Your Hair Out

You can only rock the same crew cut or high and tight for so long, until you wonder what life is like on the other side. What is it like to have long hair? And let us tell you: Yes, it is so nice to do these things. Seriously, you gotta get it cut as it grows, if you want it to look sharp and cared for, as opposed to downright lazy and indifferent. One way to grow your hair out faster and stronger is to supplement it with the right pills and potions. Find vitamin-enriched serums that you can massage into the scalp, or ingest herbal supplements that thwart things like stress, hair-thinning hormones, and environmental toxins. That is, to slow down its advances, so that you can maintain your enviable hairline, or fortify the hairs you do have.

How men care for long hair

Above, we list our dedicated long hairstyle guides, which you can visit for specific styling tips for your face shape. Unlike regular wax, it offers a very loose hold and natural finish. In fact, there are lots of types of mousse that help boost volume and condition the hair too. Nevertheless, you should ensure that you regularly condition your hair so that it has plenty of natural volume.

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A well-maintained head of long hair can look fantastic on any guy. But, as you could guess, taking care of a long hairstyle can be a bit of a chore. This is especially true for men who are more accustomed to taking care of shorter hair, which tends to require a lot less TLC.

A Beginner’s Guide to Growing and Maintaining Men’s Long Hair

Want to stay on-trend? Then wear your hair a bit longer, guys. Men who already wear their hair long will be specially pleased to hear this fashion news.

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Listen Up, Men! This is How To Take Care of Long Hair


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How to Take Care of Long Hair (For Guys)


How To Style Men’s Long Hair: Long Hair Styles For Men






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