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How long hair needed for man bun

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Curious about the man bun? This means that most guys will need to grow long hair over the course of several months in order to do a man bun. However, the man bun has many different variations. For example, guys can get a man bun fade where the sides are tapered for contrast. In fact, the man bun taper fade is one of the most modern and popular versions of the classic look. Similarly, men can ask their barbers for a man bun undercut or even a man bun with shaved sides for a low-maintenance, masculine cut.


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How to Grow a Man Bun: 6 Steps to Rocking the Hairdo of The Year

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November 20, By Jeffery R. Hamilton Leave a Comment. Hate it or love it, you have to admit that the man bun hairstyle is literally everywhere and likely here to stay. More and more guys are embracing longer hair and deciding to style it in this useful and stylish manner.

We wholeheartedly support the man bun, top knot , Samurai bun, and all the other varieties of this man updo, so take a look at our recommendations and pick your style below! When you see a guy with a man bun hairstyle, it will almost always be loose and careless. Although the majority of man buns are worn higher up on the head, you always have the alternative of rocking yours towards the back of the neck.

If you plan on sporting a man bun hairstyle often, why not think about getting a haircut that perfectly complements it? A popular and extremely good-looking choice is a disconnected undercut. It lets you wear your hair both up and down and adds coolness points to the whole look. Afraid your hair will fall out of the bun if you wear it too loose? Then tighten yours and keep all the strands in place. Start by firmly combing back the hair and making sure that you get even the loose strands around the nape.

Then pull them tightly together in a full man ban and keep it all together with some help from a hair tie. If you have recently started growing out your hair, you can tie the tips into a small bun at the top back of your head. Want to take it easy and not have all of your hair wrapped up? Then try a half up, half down man bun hairstyle. To get this look, part your hair in half horizontally and use only the top part for creating the bun.

Let the rest flow naturally down your shoulders and back. If your hair tends to stay perfectly straight most of the time, you can pull off a slick man bun hairstyle without a care in the world.

The texture of your locks will allow you to slick them back easily. You can also play around with a wet aspect with some help from dedicated hair products. A wide hair tie will help you obtain this look. Have you decided on an undercut to show off your man bun? Well, you should know that there are various ways of getting one.

The hairstyle starts off loose, but you can accentuate the carelessness by gently pulling a few strands out from the bun. Alternatively, tie your hair in a very messy bun from the beginning.

Why not experiment with your look even more by combining different hairstyles? For instance, grow a man bun style the top in braids for men and finish off the look with an undercut. Pick your favorite braiding style and then wrap the tips into a small bun or even a top knot. If you get tired of wearing a traditional man bun hairstyle, you can always switch to a ponytail every once in a while. We especially recommend this idea to men who have shorter hair to medium-length one or to those who want to showcase their undercuts.

However, the top knot is another great-looking alternative for short to mid-length hair. This is a smaller alternative that by definition makes a smaller bun and as such, requires less hair to work too. A bun style will also look amazing on men with curly or wavy hair. The hairstyle will instantly become textured and easygoing and have an effortless edge to it. Also, keep in mind that you will need significantly longer hair to make a curly hair man bun. Interested in bringing out the overall hairstyle?

Take a tip from the pros and considering getting a temple fade to go with your man bun. The sharp angles around the hairline will emphasize the longer top and create an eye-catching silhouette. Nowadays, men are less judged for having long hair then they would have been some decades ago. Still, to keep things on a classy note classy, neatly comb back the hair for a business casual hairstyle. To keep the braids out of your way, all you have to do is wrap them in a man bun hairstyle.

Also, get a sturdy hair tie that will keep the thicker strands together. There are various ways you can incorporate a fade into your hairstyle. For it, the hair is gradually shaved starting with the upper sides of the head until it ends in a skin fade close to ears.

If you succeeded in growing a full beard, consider shining the spotlight on it by gathering all your hair and freeing your face of it. Depending on their particular hair texture, African-American men can play around with a variety of hairstyles. Besides going for a braided bun style — for one — they can also opt to leave their natural afro curls longer and keeping them in man bun styles to make maintenance all the easier.

After going through mid and high fades, we have reached the subtlest version of this haircut: the low fade. Another braiding method you can use to highlight your man bun is the cornrows style — it works the other way around too.

From there, tie the ends together in a bun. If your hair is notably thick , curly, or both, style it in a man bun and reap the benefits of all that natural volume.

For a comfortable and practical approach, think about styling your bun on the very top of the head. The former One Direction er Harry Styles is one of the indisputable kings of man buns. To spice up his look, he occasionally added accessories such as hats or headbands. Another celebrity to look at for hairstyle inspiration is Justin Bieber.

We wanted to show you this example as encouragement for exploring other color opportunities for your hairstyle. Dreadlocks are a fantastic way of expressing your culture, lifestyle, or generally amazing taste in hairstyles. Also, if you have longer dreads , a man bun will help you cool down during the summer and generally change your appearance whenever you feel like it.

You can temporarily add a braid to your hairstyle by making in on the side of the head and ending it in a man bun. With medium to long hair, take a few locks on one side and French braid them halfway. Wrap the rest of your hair in an updo — like you normally would. On the other hand, you can opt for an altogether out-of-the-box approach for your man bun hairstyle by going for a reverse braid. To get this, bow the head and start braiding from the nape upwards. Once you get to the crown of the head, finish it off in a messy bun.

Some settings call for a discrete hairstyle so for such situations, we recommend that you carefully brush your hair back and style it in a medium man bun. On the other hand, if there are no constraints and you fell like it, go for a wild man bun — or better yet, a Viking-style inspired one!

Do so by making one or two braids on the side of the head and ending them in not one but two man buns. Want to add some texture to your hairstyle? Your main goal should be to tie up just a part of the hair. As opposed to mid or low man bun hairstyles, a high one will definitely attract the attention of those around you especially when paired with another haircut or style. Below, admire a high man bun paired with a mid fade that perfectly transitions into the facial hair.

This is arguably the most complex hairstyle we have presented so far on this list. It mixes no less than three styles and manages to do so in a harmonious manner. Admire the two braids on the side, the pompadour-styled top, and the short man bun in the back that gathers them all up.

Not into headbands but still want an interesting accessory for your man bun? Bandanas are an option that will most likely never go out of style. Take one or two bandanas and use them around your head, either above your eyebrows or just along the hairline. Naturally, the longer the hair, the larger the man bun. This hairstyle will work best with mid-back or waist-length dreadlocks. Let your imagination run wild by venturing into the world of shaved designs. From there, do some brainstorming with your barber about the designs you can get.

As you can see by now, man buns and top knots make for some of the best long top short sides hairstyles as they offer so many styling choices. Take this look, for example, that mixes short and closely cropped sides with a long top made all the more interesting by the side braid that acts as a parting element too.

Remember what we said about Harry Styles basically owning the man bun? The singer is open-minded with his appearance, so for this one, he styled all the hair on top of the head into braids.

Then, some of the braids went into a man bun while the others were left to hang free. If you have long hair and are also a sports enthusiast, you will most likely have to use a man bun for practical reasons.

An athletic take on this hairstyle sees the top being cleanly swept back, with the hair tie wrapped securely around the bun in the back. Aside from the hairstyle, the secret to getting a hipster look lies in your choice of apparel and accessories.

Therefore, consider getting some old school glasses frame but only if you need them. The high man bun here is just the detail that brings together the whole look. He often pulls his braids back into small ponytails or buns — depending on how long they are. A great source of inspiration for anyone sporting braids.

Properly defining a man bun can make it all the more memorable. While there are plenty of ways you can emphasize a hairstyle, we have to agree that a hard part is among the most effective.

Shave a diagonal or vertical line around the top part of your man bun for a sharp effect. Man buns will look all the more outstanding on hair in different shades.

50 Handsome Man Bun Hairstyles

Long hair used to be reserved for the rock gods and the wash outs, and it was usually coupled with an inordinately large amount of facial piercings and tattoos. It was presumed that a man with long hair was not entirely successful. My, my, how things have changed. Enter the Man Bun!

November 20, By Jeffery R. Hamilton Leave a Comment.

I always wondered why Johnny Depp cut his long hair. His flow was otherworldly—Depp with a cigarette and a glass of wine, photographed by Greg Gorman, was to me the epitome of cool. But after 18 months of flowing hair myself, it didn't take me long to figure out. Depp was probably offered a lot of money to cut it for some movie—very different than the reason I decided to cut mine.

35 Man Bun Hairstyles

Want to know how to grow a man bun successfully? While all those men effortlessly rocking the man bun may make it look like the easiest thing on earth, in reality, however, getting to where they are today was no doubt a lengthy process pun totally intended full of bad hair days and mun-related dramas. But remember: the shape you start with will determine how your hair grows out. For a more sculpted shape and easier maintenance, try keeping a bit more length on top and perhaps taking in the back and sides one more time before letting the growth process run its course. From the annoying moment when that part on the top of the ear reaches optimum itchy length, to when the whole thing becomes too long to just do nothing about but is still too short to tie up into a neat little knot , every day of your man bun-growing journey is a new adventure. Try the VO5 Fluff Tamer , which is great for controlling short to mid-length haircuts. Keeping your hair looking and feeling healthy can help to optimise the growth process. So make sure to be gentle when drying and styling, and work in regular trims approximately every weeks to keep split ends at bay. But it may be wise to shampoo less than you were previously used to. Instead, make conditioner your new best friend and start using it regularly to keep your hair hydrated and build in strength.

The Majesty of the Man Bun

One of the most popular alternative hairstyles for men. But where did it come from? And how can you rock it? Although it may seem like the latest hipster hairstyle trend, the man bun has been around for thousands of years in a variety of styles.

Man buns are an awesome way to style long hair.

Remember ? Ah, yes, how could you forget: a time when Twitter was once aflame over a dress with a greatly debated color scheme, a Trump presidency was just a distant, vaguely threatening joke and the use of a dumb and unnecessary term used to describe a completely fabricated concept became prominent. Do you still have long hair even though no one really cares anymore? Fear not.

Why I Cut My Man Bun

It would seem that only beautiful buff men with beautiful thick hair can rock the man bun hairstyle without being ridiculed. But what about us regular guys with regular hair? Can we pull off the man bun without being compared to a tied-off trash bag or worse, a measly onion?

Man buns are bad. Other famous faces have proved it can be done if you follow the rules. David Beckham brought his back recently, before he chopped his hair off again. Jon Snow had one for a bit in Game of Thrones , too. Yes, the man bun will always be a hard sell, and the margin for error is colossal. For men with long hair , a man bun is a style that features a ponytail or bunch of hair, bundled together somewhere on the crown.

Almost Anyone Can Pull off the Man Bun — Here’s Why

Although often associated with post hipster men, the Man Bun can be traced back as far as the 2nd Millennium BC. Vedic depictions of Shiva feature the Kaparda hairstyle. The rising Qing Dynasty enforced the Queue, a style where the hair on top is grown long and often braided. Reaching its 21st Century trend apex around , the Man Bun has started to slowly phase out of mainstream fashion. Nevertheless, if anything is to be learned from the above, long hair on men has been around longer than written history. A Man Bun requires at least six to ten months of growth to obtain around seven inches of hair length. The look is simply achieved by sweeping all the hair towards the crown from the forehead and nape.

Mar 22, - Any other hair (or face, or body) type can pull off some version of the man bun hairstyle, according to Dixon: “As long as you can get a hair tie on.

The undercut, side part, and comb over hairstyles are all inspired by the dapper, vintage look of men from the 50s. This man bun trend is either loved or hated with some people going around cutting off man buns. The man bun can be confusing to some. What exactly is a man bun?

6 Things Guys Can Do with Their Long Hair Post-Man Bun Craze







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