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Friends get jealous when you lose weight

When I was a little girl, my uncle called me "Fatstuff," and I've lived up to the name most of my life. For me, getting fat is a piece of cake or a bag of Doritos , and I was a classic yo-yoer. As a result, I had always felt a little awkward around thin women; it seemed that they had some insider knowledge I wasn't privy to. For insight and support on this and hundreds of other topics, I relied on my friend Val.

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5 People Who Are Jealous of Your Weight Loss

By Katy Winter. A mother who fought the flab and lost seven st has lost her friends as well as her love handles - because her former pals grew jealous of her new size 8 figure. Standing at just 5ft 2in Fiona Hodge slimmed from a size 20 and 15st 4lb to a size eight after she was devastated by her wedding pictures. The m other -of-two swapped her takeaway binges for healthy eating - and within 12 months, was unrecognisable at 8st 8lb. Fiona slimmed from a size 20 and 15st 4lb left to size eight and 8st 8lb right after she was devastated by her wedding pictures.

But Fiona claims her jealous friends have ditched her after her diet success - because they wanted her to be their fat friend. Fiona, pictured before she lost weight, used to binge on high-fat takeaways and sugar filled fizzy drinks. Fiona, pictured left before her weight loss, and showing off the drastic change in an old pair of shorts, right, says her friends wanted her to be their 'fat friend' and didn't like her losing weight.

Before her transformation she refused to have pictures of herself on display and hid inside while she gorged on an incredible 7, calories a day. After being disappointed to the point of tears with her wedding photos she bought a pair of size 10 jeans and hung them on her wardrobe to motivate her. Having been overweight since her late teens, Fiona was terrified to leave her house and suffered from kidney stones due to her weight.

The mother-of-two drastically changed her diet and began regular exercise to shed her excess pounds. She lived off takeaways and junk food and crippled by embarrassment that left her practically housebound. Fiona would skip breakfast and then eat supersize servings of biscuits, pizza and crisps along with sugary fizzy drinks.

But when she decided to do something about it she started a radical diet with the Cambridge Weight Plan and, with the support of husband Andy, quickly saw the pounds melt away.

As her weight loss continued, Fiona received more and more negative comments from her friends. As well as better health, Fiona says she happier and more confident since losing the weight. Breakfast: None. Lunch: Bowl of pasta with tomato sauce, a sharing bag of crisps and a chocolate bar. Snack: Half a packet of chocolate biscuits. Dinner: Large takeaway pizza, portion of garlic bread, portion of wedges. Drinks: 3 teas with full fat milk, 2 litres of cola.

Breakfast: Fat free vanilla yoghurt with banana or strawberries or porridge and blueberries with soy milk. Snack: protein bar. Lunch: Tuna salad, made at home. Mid afternoon: A Cambridge Weight Plan chocolate and mint flavour shake. Dinner: Chargrilled chicken with green vegetables.

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Quit Bothering About Fitness and Weight Loss Cynics

By Katy Winter. A mother who fought the flab and lost seven st has lost her friends as well as her love handles - because her former pals grew jealous of her new size 8 figure. Standing at just 5ft 2in Fiona Hodge slimmed from a size 20 and 15st 4lb to a size eight after she was devastated by her wedding pictures. The m other -of-two swapped her takeaway binges for healthy eating - and within 12 months, was unrecognisable at 8st 8lb.

Losing weight and getting back into shape is a struggle in itself. What do you do if you encounter weight loss critics? But what about the new breed of critics around you?

Right now, someone you know is trying to lose weight. It may even be you—bounding into the new year eager to make a huge change in your life. The odds are stacked against her or you. You may have uttered them yourself, with nothing but good intentions.

Are People jealous of your weight loss and rude about it?

Home Recent Discussions Search. I'm wondering if anyone on MFP can relate I'm really proud of myself for my accomplishments and these women are putting me down!!!! July 13, PM 0. Yes, I do get them more and more as I get in shape. That are very positive about my weight loss. It is my male and female friends that are extremely negative. Just not sure WHY??? Thanks for posting. I was being to think I was alone.

If you want to lose weight, don’t tell your friends

Attention, fatties- if you stay fat, no one will love you, but if you lose weight, your friends will hate you. The Detroit Free Press reports that the lifestyle change necessary to embark on a fitness or weight loss regimen can be alienating for those closest to you. One woman garnered the ire of her granddaughter when her fitness regimen meant that she stopped having time to drive her to school and the girl was forced to walk the 2. Another lamented losing a friendship that involved a lot of cooking and eating.

By Nadine DeNinno.

For a PDF version of this article, please click here. She is not affected by obesity. She is about a size She never knew me as a thin person.

5 people who might get jealous about your weight loss

Losing weight is an exciting accomplishment, and you may so feel proud of yourself for having lost so much excess weight, that you want to share your achievements with friends and family. Most of the time, these people may feel threatened about your weight loss because they either feel insecure or worried about how your weight loss will affect their lives. Here are five types of people who may feel jealous about your weight loss, as well as tips on how to handle and approach these individuals. For example, you may join your family for a pizza buffet every Friday night, or perhaps you take turns licking cake batter from spoons after making birthday cakes together.

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Editor's Note: Every Monday, Lori Gottlieb answers questions from readers about their problems, big and small. Have a question? Email her at dear. I had gastric-sleeve surgery last fall and have since lost pounds, with about 50 more to go. As the pounds dropped off, she would proudly champion my accomplishments to others and tell me how happy she was for me.

Dear Therapist: My Friend Treats Me Differently Since I Lost Weight

These people cheered you on throughout your weight loss journey, but now your friends and family could be sabotaging your efforts. Your friends and family have cheered you on throughout your weight loss journey. Yet no matter how much they really, truly want to be supportive of your healthier lifestyle, they're going to do and say things that aren't always positive or helpful. Your fans love the New You, but frankly, they're not quite sure what to do with you. So it's important to redefine these relationships and set good boundaries, however, because it can be hard to resist their subtle pressures and slip back into sabotaging behaviors. You won't eat Mom's chicken parmesan anymore?

Jul 13, - I've noticed as I get closer to my goal weight (which I work my *kitten* off and I eat healthy" and as I walked away I heard her say to her friend.


How to Deal with Jealousy of Loved Ones after You Have Lost Weight


Super slimmer Fiona Hodge lost all her friends when she shed 7st




"I Hated My Friend for Losing Weight"


My jealous friends thin-shamed me after I lost 126 pounds


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