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Best way to get burning man tickets

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Music February 3, Olivia Perreault. Organizers of Burning Man announced ticket prices for the event and apologized for issues with the sale. The San Francisco-based event, which will run for nine days in the Nevadan desert from August 30 to September 7, will head on sale next month. While tickets head on sale in April, some tickets will start becoming available over the next month.

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Burning Man Tickets

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The Ten Principles Glossary. Main Ways To Get A Ticket Getting tickets is a little complicated, and as there's more demand than there are tickets, there's a lot of competition and there are many more people who want to go than can get tickets. Open to everyone. This is the first opportunity to acquire a Burning Man ticket, but you pay a huge premium to do so.

These tickets are priced substantially higher than normal tickets and come with zero additional privileges. You are paying extra entirely to secure a ticket. Directed Group Sale. This is one of the two big ones, along with the Main Sale next on the list, below. The Org does this because these camps are what provides most of the interactivity and entertainment in Black Rock City as opposed to out on the playa, where it's art and mutant vehicles , and it can take a lot of people to build a camp.

Without the ability to guarantee tickets to a core group of members, many camps would find it impossible to pull off their plans. If you aren't in a theme camp that was around last year and is in good standing, you can just ignore this as you aren't eligible for a DGS ticket. Main Sale. Open to everyone who didn't buy in the DGS sale.

Along with the above DGS sale, this is the other big one. In , it was comprised of 26, tickets. It's typically a Wednesday at noon Pacific time. If the sale opens at noon, get there at am. You'll be put in virtual 'line' and everyone who was there before the noon opening time gets randomly offered a chance to buy two tickets and 1 vehicle pass, until they're all gone.

If you aren't in 'line' by noon, you probably won't get a ticket this way, as they sell out in a matter of minutes, not hours. This usually takes place in early August, but it's only a couple thousand tickets, so they are no easier to get than the Main Sale tickets.

Just like with the Main Sale, you will register a week in advance, and then enter the sale, which works the same way as the Main Sale in terms of the virtual line. Low Income Ticket Program. Everyone can apply, but not everyone is accepted. There are a few thousand of these available. You can read more about the Low Income Ticket Program here. This is an online system that facilitates the resale of face-value tickets that have been bought directly from Burning Man. You can be pretty much guaranteed that tickets bought through this system are valid tickets, but relatively few tickets are actually sold through this program.

Read more about it here. Tickets resold within the community. The best way to do this is to connect with your local Burner community. The second best way is to pay attention to the ePlaya forums starting in June or so. It's a common place for people to post tickets for sale. You need to really check frequently though, as tickets posted for sale there will go very quickly.

Note that neither motorcycles nor vehicles towed in behind another vehicle require a vehicle pass. Kids 12 and under get into Burning Man for free with a ticketed guardian or parent, but they need their own print-at-home Kids Ticket to do this. One ticket for each kid, though again, they're free. More info here. Because some camps and art projects require a lot of time and work to set up, the people putting them together arrive before Sunday when the event opens. Doing so requires Work Access Passes WAPs which are obtained by being part of a Theme Camp, or some other types of camps, such as those that support large art projects or mutant vehicles.

The leader s of that Theme Camp or group will be assigned a certain number of WAPs to distribute to camp members that are needed for infrastructure setup. Camps caught abusing this privilege risk having their passes cancelled and not getting them in the future. As always with scalped tickets you risking being ripped off , and selling tickets for more than you paid for them is frowned upon by many Burners, including this one.

Still, this is an information site so here's some advice, keeping in mind that tickets available on some of these options will be sold by scalpers. Your best bet is probably Stubhub. Unlike eBay, Stubhub operates on an escrow system meaning the buyer doesn't get the money until you get the ticket, with Stubhub holding the money in the meantime and has a fair amount of expertise specifically around detecting and combating ticket fraud.

You're always rolling the dice when you buy from a scalper or re-seller though, so be careful and use common sense!

Also be warned that nobody gets their tickets until early to mid-summer, but Stubhub will be full of Burning Man tickets for sale long before then. Be warned that these are sold by people who don't yet have a ticket and who may or may not be getting a ticket when they're mailed out.

Don't send money to someone you met on Craigslist without seeing the ticket first. You really want to exchange your money for their ticket s in person, in a public place, and you should make sure you know what a real ticket looks like it changes every year. There are lots of fraudsters on Craigslist. Be careful! There have been a number of people burned by counterfeit tickets on auction sites like Ebay, and I would not recommend using them to buy tickets.

If you show up with a counterfeit ticket, your entire week may be ruined, because you're probably not getting in. Comment Form is loading comments Please like the Burn. Life FB page to get BM info, news, opinion pieces, and more. I'm Dr. Yes, a fan of Burning Man, Burners, and Burner culture. Any products mentioned or linked to are done so because I or people I trust have used them and I view them as reasonable recommendations.

You can email me here: yes -at- burn -dot- life.

Burning Man is an annual gathering where "Burners" from all over come together in the Black Rock desert of Gerlach, Nev. You want to be a Burner. You want to get your ticket. You have no idea where to start, but getting lost in the Black Rock City sounds more appealing than it ever has before.

In order to understand why you need to such preparations, you first need to know how Burning Man works. The preparations explained here are based on the information shared in the other article.

If it works though, by all means you can send me a cheers! This year tickets are selling for more than they ever have, and faster than they ever have. We have every reason to think that will continue, making this the biggest Burning Man in history. This year, though, a new problem cropped up. BMOrg sent out 20, codes, but each could purchase more than 1 ticket up until 20, were sold.

Buying Burning Man Tickets

Editor's note: This article was originally published in , but we've freshened it up so that if you didn't get a ticket this year -- in -- we have some other choices you can think about. This year's rendezvous takes place from Aug. More: Burning Man sells out 26, tickets in half hour for event. While there are far worse things than not getting a Burning Man ticket -- the plague, a hangnail and a piano falling on your head for starters -- we understand that some of you might be slightly distressed by your noon plan not working out. Truly the most admirable way to get a ticket is to earn one. Help build a stunning sculpture, or perhaps volunteer your time to building the city itself. It's designed to provide a hassle-free, secure way of buying and selling tickets while avoiding scammers, counterfeits and scalper, according to Burning Man's website. All other usual fees apply.


Welcome to our Burning Man Survival Guide. So you are trying to get tickets to Burning Man Festival, and you can't find them or they are sold out? Here are the best ways to get yourself a ticket, and a few tricks for the low budget burner. Be sure you are not looking for tickets to a party or a regional burn, as they have different policies than the in the tips given below. Be very wary of buying tickets from facebook pages, online ticket vendors or other such scalping sites.

The administrator of your personal data will be Threatpost, Inc.

On Thursday, the San Francisco-based arts nonprofit announced that main sale tickets and vehicle pass prices are again climbing. Tickets will start going on sale next month, though the main ticket sale isn't until April. The bulk of tickets, however, are sold during the main sale, which has sold out almost immediately since

How you can still get a ticket to Burning Man even if you procrastinated

Burning Man will sell approximately 70, tickets for For those buying tickets directly from Burning Man, there will be three ticket sale opportunities. In each case taxes, shipping and other fees are added as described below.

The email and mailing address you use on this account. I have the atomic clock open in one window, and am ready to click on the ticket window at 10 seconds till You should do this from a home computer, not on a smart phone. There are three options to enter the sale, one from your burner profile, one from the 'confirmation email' they sent, and one from the tickets. I prefer the website. Once you're in though, you dont want to 'refresh', or youll lose your spot in the que.

Burning Man Tickets for $225? Yep, Too Good to Be True

The Ten Principles Glossary. Main Ways To Get A Ticket Getting tickets is a little complicated, and as there's more demand than there are tickets, there's a lot of competition and there are many more people who want to go than can get tickets. Open to everyone. This is the first opportunity to acquire a Burning Man ticket, but you pay a huge premium to do so. These tickets are priced substantially higher than normal tickets and come with zero additional privileges. You are paying extra entirely to secure a ticket. Directed Group Sale.

Feb 9, - 14 Tips For Getting Burning Man Tickets in the Individual Sale out more invitations than there were tickets, the way airlines overbook flights. it's going to be important to stay on top of the posted information and dates and.








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