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Moving to a new city can be exhilarating—except for the fact that you have to leave behind pretty much everything you know about life, from your entire network of friends to your knowledge of exactly how long it takes to get to the nearest grocery store. The grocery store commute? Making friends in a new city is where the challenge sets in. Maybe you have a super-busy work schedule. We report that it takes 50 hours to go from meeting a stranger to becoming casual friends with that person and 80 to hours to become real friends.

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How to Make Friends and Meet People While Traveling

Meeting and knowing the people who live nearby can create a sense of belonging and shared identity in your local area. Here are some easy tricks and tips to meet people both in your neighborhood and in the city after moving :. Inviting your new neighbors to a housewarming party is the perfect way to break the ice. It also gives you a reason to reach out without feeling uncomfortable.

Important things to consider when having a party is what you will be serving. If you would like to serve meat, having chicken is usually your safest option. It is also important to consider those who do not eat meat. Having a large pasta dish is a great idea that way there is a filling alternative to the meat dinner.

Serving a large salad with dressings on the side is also a good choice for your party. I know it may seem silly to think about the details, but being as welcoming and accommodating to your new guests will set the tone for good neighborly relationships in the long run. Community-based events are a great place to meet people around your area. Every community will usually offer a wide variety of different types of events. Choose one that most interests you and you might be surprised at the number of like-minded people you will meet.

Usually, every city has an online calendar or website listing events in your area. You can also check out Eventbrite and search for events near you. If you are just moving to a new city ad on the hunt to be social, try using the app or website, Meetup.

On Meetup, you can search from numerous amounts of community groups that are already created in your surrounding area. If you are interested in hiking, bike riding, horseback riding, yoga, or pretty much anything you can think of, there is probably a MeetUp group for you.

The app is very simple to use. All you have to do is type in your location and search for thigs you are interested in and you will be shown a plethora amount of groups in your area.

Joining Meetup is probably the fastest way to meet people in your new area as the groups usually meet every week. The best part of it all is that most groups are completely free to join! Do you have free time on your hands and want to make a difference in your new community? Then, volunteering might be a great place to meet like-minded individuals who care about similar passions as you do.

Volunteering can often get overlooked as something people only do when they are retired or are required to in school. However, volunteering can be done at any age and at any point in your life. It is also a great way to try out new things you might have never tried before. The first step is just searching for non-profits in your area online to seem interesting to you. Once you start getting involved in the group you like, it will become very easy to make new friends because you will be bonding over a shared interest.

When you move to a new place it might seem intimidating to get out there and do the things you have always loved to do since you are unfamiliar with the area. However, putting yourself out there and doing the things you are interested in is one of the best ways to meet new people that you will enjoy being around.

Finding friends in a new area might be hard if you are constantly on the hunt. When you just stop trying ad just do what you love to do, people who like the same will show up in your life. I know it seems simple but people often overlook where to find friends and even relationships. Most people who are very close friends or are in a relationship, share things and passions in common. The answer is in doing what makes you happy and the friends and relationships will come along the way.

Summertime is the best time to have an annual block party and meet your neighbors. You can even pick a theme and post flyers along your neighborhood to get your community together. Check with local authorities for permission to close off the street, making the celebration exclusive to folks in your community. You can have multiple barbecues going, kids bounce house, music, drinks, etc.

I know you may have just moved in but there may be a few items you wish you got rid of during the move. You can even invite other neighbors to participate in a community-wide garage sale.

Garage sales are a good way to get neighbors over to your home. After you sort through your belongings, make sure you stay organized and plan when having a garage sale. Meeting new people in your community can be as simple as taking a routine walking outside every morning before work. The easiest way to get to know your neighbors is to always be outside. You can go on walks around the neighborhood and introduce yourself to people, tell them which house you live in, what you like about the neighborhood, or ask simple questions about the neighborhood or local restaurants.

If you have kids pets, or neither, get up and go for a walk. If the online world is for you and you enjoy meeting people online, then maybe a cyber social group is right for you. There are plenty of location-based Facebook groups in every city. Next time you find yourself on Facebook, just make a simple search for groups in your area. You might be surprised by what you find and it might be easier for you to spark a conversation before meeting up in person.

Creating a Facebook or MeetUp group is just as easy is joining. Whether it be a book club, running group, hiking group, etc. Come up with a descriptive title and explanation of what your group will be about and start sharing it. You can post flyers in the community or if your community has a community mailbox, post a flyer there. For more information on how to create a Meetup group check out: Starting a Meetup group. Do you have children or pets?

A good way to get to know your neighbors is to organize some time for them to play together on the weekends. If you notice a neighbor always walking their dog and you have a furry friend too, inviting them over for a play date or even meeting at a local dog park might be a good way to break-the-ice. You can organize a play date or even enroll your kids in after-school classes that other kids are enjoying. About the Author: Timothy P. Timothy grew up in the moving industry helping his father's Southern California moving company grow into a million dollar business.

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How to Meet People in a New City, According to Women Who Have Actually Done It

You have friends, but none of them can relate to your freakouts relating to an upcoming comic convention or the newest episodes of an anime. So, where do these mysterious nerds and geeks lurk? Sign up for an anime-watching session, trivia night, or even a group trip to see the latest Marvel movie. Meetup is all about meeting new people, making it a great starting point.

Not only do you deal with unfamiliar surroundings, but your social life hits the reset button, too. A couple years ago, he made a temporary move from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, and lived there for three months. When he settled in LA, he knew only one person — an old college buddy from Penn State.

Moving to a new city with friends and family by your side is hard enough — but moving to a new city alone can feel impossible. And if you plan on using a form of underground transportation service? Forget about it. Scope out info about the city beyond the standard tourist information with Reddit. This is a great place to ask about issues like unsafe areas to avoid, friendliness of the locals, and opportunities to meet people — and real locals will give their honest answers.

How to Move to a New City (From Start to Finish)

Sure, you probably still meet a lot of people through your job or just being out and about, but the kinds of deep relationships that came so easily in childhood are rarer to come by as you age. If you want to make friends after you move, you have to be willing to put yourself out of your comfort zone a little bit. There are a number of free apps that make it easier to connect with people and look for new friends the same way you might look for a new romantic partner. Use an app like Nextdoor to get better acquainted with your neighborhood and the people in it or check out MeetMe or We3 and pair up with likeminded people who live nearby. You can even try Bumble , which in addition to being a dating app also helps connect people who are just looking for friends. Get a deal on a new activity Sites like Groupon and Living Social make it easy to find fun activities in your new neighborhood at a steep discount, and provide a huge range of opportunities for getting out of the house and meeting new people. Find a workout buddy If you like staying fit and active, apps like Bvddy and Workout Buddies can connect you with an exercise partner to reach for your fitness goals with. You can even just find someone to coordinate gym sessions with.

11 Ways To Meet Friends After Moving To A New City

Meeting and knowing the people who live nearby can create a sense of belonging and shared identity in your local area. Here are some easy tricks and tips to meet people both in your neighborhood and in the city after moving :. Inviting your new neighbors to a housewarming party is the perfect way to break the ice. It also gives you a reason to reach out without feeling uncomfortable. Important things to consider when having a party is what you will be serving.

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In February , I moved from Nashville to Denver. It was the first major, permanent move I made after graduating college, and I learned a lot. Before you can move, you need a destination. In many cases, someone else will make this decision.

How to Find Nerdy Friends: 6 Ways to Meet New People

I came alone, without family, friends, or a significant other. So there I was in Berlin , flying solo, completely alone, single, and free. Jam packed full of tips about how to make friends, open a bank account, get a visa, learn German, buy insurance, and more, this is the most detailed guide out there.

Whether you're an introvert or extrovert, we all know it can be hard to make new friends. That's why it's good to keep in mind unexpected ways to make friends as an adult — because let's be real: Sometimes we all need a good group of people we can trust and have fun with. Even if you weren't the so-called "popular" kid in school, it's safe to say we all had some friends as adolescents, and likely made new friends when we went to college, studied abroad, got our first jobs, or so on. But when we're officially adulting, it can be hard to feel like we're in a good spot to make friends. In fact, research shows that this isn't just in our heads. According to a recent study published in the Psychological Bulletin , people's social networks that is, our friends, acquaintances, and so on steadily increase until we reach adulthood; then they decline across the board.

So I Moved To Berlin. Just How Did I Make Friends?


Meet new people over food with Supper Club. Take pictures. Go to cultural events. Open up! If you moved to a big city, check out City Socializer. Do your best to.


9 Ways to Use the Internet to Make Friends After You Move


8 Tips to Make Moving to a New City Alone a Fresh Start




How to Make Friends in a New City: Helpful Advice From a Man on a Mission to Meet 10,000 People



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